Psychic Medium Lorraine Smith

Spiritual Intuitive Medium

A Spiritual Intuitive Medium channels messages from Spirit and relays them to their clients.  Lorraine’s gift is her ability to directly connect with her client’s Highest Angels, Guides, Healers, Ascended Masters, deceased love ones, and their own Higher Self.The messages she receives are channeled from Spirit; they come through her, not from her.  Because of this, she has no memory of the session when it’s over.  The messages bring insight to her client’s concerns, and brings clarity to their life.

Very often during the session, deceased relatives or friends come through with loving messages of importance for their life path and purpose or to give closure in some way.

While Spirit will answer specific questions through Lorraine during a reading, the session often takes a big picture approach with a client, providing them not only with insight and clarity, but also with the spiritual tools to help them follow the path that is for their Highest Good only. She also believes that we all have a direct connection to our Higher Self, and that by exploring that connection, we can change our lives for the better.

During a client’s questions, she has the ability to tune into the people who surround her clients in their daily life: spouses, family, friends, employers, co-workers, etc. and is able to share insight with them to help clarify what is going on in their relationship with them.  Messages provided by Spirit through Lorraine are meant to give guidance, comfort and direction for many aspects of their life. It’s a loving, gentle and positive experience.


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