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A session with Reverend Lorraine is an opportunity for you to feel loved and supported by the universe. It’s a chance for you to create a deeper connection within yourself. It may be an experience of profound healing; it may be about receiving information. It’s always an opportunity to allow for shifts to occur within you.

Psychic Readings are given via teleconference – These readings offer exactly the same quality as in-person readings.

Having a recording of your session allows you to listen to it at any time in the future. Recordings allow you to replay your reading and hear exactly what came through that you may have forgotten. We offer MP3 recordings of every session which are playable on your mp3 player or your computer. Disclaimer: Since your session is recorded via a teleconference provider, Light of the Blue Star cannot guarantee the recording.

To schedule and pay for an appointment, it’s easy! Just go to our APPOINTMENT SCHEDULER.

We offer the following options:

  • 1/2 hour $55.00
  • 1 hour $100.00


Gift Certificates are available through PayPal.

Follow the instructions below:

My PayPal Account is:

  • Light of the Blue Star, Inc.

You can select a 1/2 hour for $55.00 or an hour for $100.00.

In the Notes Section: Type: Gift Certificate for (Full Name, Phone Number, and Email address.) Also, please let me know if you want me to Email the Certificate to the recipient or email it to you.

After I receive Notice of Payment from PayPal, I will create the Gift Certificate and email it per the instructions above.


To schedule your reading, please visit our online scheduler.


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