Psychic Medium Lorraine Smith


Two years ago, I reached out to Lorraine. What I did not reveal to her or anyone close to me was that I was in an abusive marriage trapped by isolation, fear, and threats. On the outside I smiled; on the inside I was broken. Her reading accurately uncovered the source of my brokenness and details that only I knew. The words of this angel not only guided me to safety but put me on a path toward healing, happiness, and wholeness. Today, I thank her for saving my life. ~ C.A., Massachusetts

Lorraine is one of the most amazing psychic mediums and I have received messages from her gift for over 11 years!  I often feel like I’ve had an amazing counseling session because I’ve always felt her voice to be so soothing and she is genuinely a beautiful soul! – P.M. , Ohio

From time to time I like to receive a little extra insight.  When moments like this come up, I make my list of questions and schedule an appointment with Light of the Blue Star – Psychic/Medium Lorraine Smith.

Lorraine’s voice will calm you immediately, the message from spirit is inspiring and she answers the questions you have ensuring you understand what she is saying to you and allowing you to go deeper if you choose to.

Her gifts are a blessing to all of us and the guidance she can provide is unlike anything I have experienced.  I highly recommend a session with Lorraine.  If you have never worked with a medium, this time of year is a great time to try it as you reflect on 2023 and plan for 2024.

I have a spiral tablet I write notes in for each session and you also receive an audio file so you can listen again (you will need to!).  I love looking back at the sessions to receive more support and to see how far I have grown. – Wisdom of the South Wellness and Leaning, Harrison, TN

I’m often asked for guidance and help with “big life things”. When it’s beyond what I know as a doctor, I always recommend a call with Lorraine Gallant Smith. She’s amazing, loving, kind and supportive and has been a trusted and respected teacher of mine for 12 years. I’ll never forget our first session when she described my beautiful baby boy, his Christmas birth, and his temperament so beautifully… almost two years before he was born. Jax is 10 now and I still find those words to be a comfort. I love Lorraine! – L.H.

Thank you for my reading, Lorraine …one of the best readings I have ever experienced. It was validating, educational, informative, and soo accurate.  It will be a significant guide as to how I proceed with my plans regarding career and life decisions. I appreciate you and your beautiful gifts and skills. Sending endless blessings. –  L. R., Florida

I was thrilled to discover your inspirational website today. I am a retired pastor from a conservative Christian denomination that does not respect or appreciate the wonderful ministry of mediums and intuitive spiritual healers. I regret the harsh judgments that Christians often make about people with your gifts, because I have come to believe that your abilities are indeed genuine gifts from the Holy Spirit. It must give you great joy to channel spiritual messages and to connect people with their spirit guides and ancestors. Peace and blessings to you. – R.N.

Lorraine is a Godsend for my business. I go to her with a list of people I’m thinking of hiring or working with and she reads the energy to see if they resonate with me and my business. She reads for members of teams, potential groups or masterminds, collaborators and vendors. She’s right every single time! I can’t think of an easier or more on-point way to navigate through the business connections process than getting Lorraine’s fabulous insight! Lorraine, I can’t thank you enough. xo – K.W., MA

Lorraine: Your connection to Spirit is certain ! Knowing this……your advice and counseling has been…and is…..a real blessing. Thank you !!! – M.F.

Thank you, again, for your time & energy.  As always, the reading hit the nails on every head!
I appreciate the attachments.  They will help direct me toward my own vitality & happiness.  
Many thanks. – J.B., Massachusetts

I am a business owner going through a tremendous amount of growth. Lorraine has truly been a big part of my success by validating my intuition and delivering accurate and extremely valuable insight that has helped give me confidence. I needed to grow! One of my first sessions with her was so beneficial and inspiring that I asked to talk to her again and she told me to wait a while, that it was too soon. I knew she had my best interest at heart at that moment! I trust her and connect with her in such a special way. I look forward to someday giving back and helping people in such a meaningful way as I know she does every day. Who she is and what she does in nothing short of amazing.  I feel so fortunate to have her as my advisor! – J., Florida

I am writing to thank you for sharing your gifts so beautifully to the world.  I feel so fortunate to be one of the recipients.  You said many powerful things, one that in particular struck me as wonderful!  ”You will have a lot of fun just allowing the answers to come to you”.   I love that…and have had a taste of it already.    – D.O., Massachusetts

I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for your work and your kindness with me during our session. You’ve helped  lift me up out of the darkness in several areas of my life. I’m so very grateful for you and your gifts you share. You also were so kind to share additional messages that you went over the time to share them with me. Your kindness and generosity was not unnoticed. Thank you! Thank you!  My review:  Extremely accurate and SO helpful 5 stars:

I am so grateful for the messages I received through Lorraine. I was feeling stuck in several areas of my life. After my session with Lorraine, I feel so empowered and enlightened to what was really going on. I received so many helpful tools to help me get out of the lows I was in. The messages were so empowering and encouraged me to get on to my true purpose here on earth. Thank you, Lorraine!!! Big love to you!! So grateful you are sharing your gifts!! – A.S., Wisconsin

Thank you! And thank you for working with me yesterday. It was amazing.  I don’t know if you remember my question about dealing with my roommate’s cantankerous cat. I followed Spirit’s suggestion. It was so funny, she softened immediately and would not look me in the eye. She kept turning her head.  And a little while later she came up and sat in my lap! I just laughed.  It was really good practice for feeling the shift in power so I can do this with my ex-husband.   – C.S., Colorado

Thank you thank you thank you – What a blessing to have you in my life.  I so appreciate your dipping into my higher self.  I appreciate all of your work and connection to spirit. – K.Q., Massachusetts

Thank you so much for sending this to me!  Also thank you for the wonderful reading. You are amazing and so helpful with making things more clear to me for my path ahead! Blessings to you. – K.P., Wisconsin

Thank you and thank you for the reading yesterday! It was soo awesome to be given some validation for all that spirit has been trying to tell me. I get stubborn and needed to hear it from someone outside my circle, I guess you could say!   – K.M., Wisconsin

Thank you, Lorraine!  Great reading this morning.  I much appreciate the use of your gift and talents!  You are the best Lorraine! Thank you for what you do!  Thank you!  – M.Z., Florida

Thank you so much, Lorraine, for your words of wisdom this morning!  I just listened to the tape and took lots of notes.  I am looking forward to using all of the powerful, loving affirmations that you shared with me.  I am also grateful for the Tools for Transformation that you included with your email.  Thank you!  I feel a huge sense of relief that I’m headed in the right direction (moving from my current location to another), I’m just off target a bit.  I trust Spirit will guide me to the appropriate place in the appropriate time.  I look forward to finding my magical spot!  It’s a real joy to hear that my mother and father are happy on the other side.  I love that my mother is taking on my guardian angel role and that my father is proud of me.  Very sweet!  Thank you again and again!  With blessing of love and light! – Q.D.

Many thanks, Lorraine, for the wonderful reading today and for these lovely attachments. I look forward to learning more! And I’m going to listen to our recording again tonight to hear those ‘gems’ you shared again 🙂   Big thanks and big (virtual) hugs!! – R.R., Utah

This is your neighbor that you had a session with in November.  I wanted to let you know of something interesting that happened today that is connected to it.    During the session, for several minutes, my mom mentioned a ring and said I needed to look around for it some more.  She wanted me to have this ring.  I had already been through her jewelry and given most away and I wasn’t quite sure what she meant and really didn’t give it much thought.    Today, I was looking for a checkbook when I moved some of my mom’s old driving gloves.  She liked to wear them and had several different colors.  On a whim, I started trying them on, one pair after another.  When I put on the 4th pair, I felt something in the index finger and pulled out a diamond and topaz ring of hers.  What a surprise!  The strange part is that I don’t really even know why I was trying them on.    So now, I’m listening to the recording for the first time since our original session and it’s amazing how much more I understand what you were saying.  You were right when you told me that I needed to hear it again.  This recording is priceless.  Thank you so much! – J.E., Florida

Thank you so much for the session last Saturday and for the material you sent with this email.   I am very impressed with all the guidance you are providing. I will contact you again in around 6 to 8 months for a follow up session – and of course will recommend your service to my friends.   Thank you and kind regards. – L.Z., Florida

Thank you Lorraine, I cherish the guidance I received through you yesterday! Thank you so much for being a part of my healing. – J.L., Canada

Thank you so much!  My heart feels happier and open now…with hope.  You are such a gift to me and the universe!  How lucky I am to have found you!  – N.N., Florida

Your readings blow me away! You are amazing!!!!  You really nail stuff! Wow! – C.C. , Colorado

Thank you from the depths of my heart for the reading today.  I feel the purity of your connection to Spirit and appreciate it so.  You brought me the confirmation, clarity and information I needed to move forward in my life with confidence and strength, knowing that my guides are at my side helping and protecting me every step of the way.  You are a blessing to me and many others.  And I thank you for your dedication and service.Much love to you! – C.S., Florida

Thank you so much for the reading!  It was nice talking to you!  You are such a blessing and I am grateful to know you!  Much love and Blessings – J.C., Florida

Thank you so much for sharing your gift and delivering such insight and inspiration. I’m humbled and honored that God has put you in my path. – D.B., Florida

I wanted to just take a little time to let you know how much I enjoyed our reading together this weekend.  I don’t cry very easily and it was kind of a relief to be able to hear the things you said about my parents.  As I told you, my Mom is in fact dying of renal failure and when you said to me she is ready to go and at peace, well you said exactly what she has been telling us for weeks now.  It was something very special to hear the spirits that guide her and that she wanted me to know.  There were so many things that you said that are so very true for me, and no one else knows about me.  I am certain you probably don’t need affirmation that what you do is helpful, I just wanted to say how much it was for me. Thanks so much, I was so overcome that afternoon, I felt like I did a poor job of conveying my thanks to you.  I have passed your name on to all my friends and will continue to do so.  God Bless You!   – L.B., Wisconsin

Awesome! Amazing! So many little pieces that are just wow! – C.D., Georgia