Psychic Medium Lorraine Smith

About Reverend Lorraine Smith

Rev. Lorraine Smith is a Psychic/Medium/Spiritual Intuitive and a native of Randolph, Massachusetts.  After living in Florida for 27 years, she currently resides in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

‘In 1998 my mother passed away after a long illness. A few years later I saw her in a vision, surrounded by golden-white light, walking towards me and presenting me with a huge bouquet of white flowers, handing me ‘the gift of Spirit.’ “It was a mystical experience unlike anything I have ever experienced before and it changed my life forever!” It was this vision and visitation that opened me to my channeling abilities and provided access to the Divine, Cosmic information and energies of the Universe.”

She became even more motivated to change her life path and develop her skills, earning a Certificate of Mediumship from Delphi University/Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship; a listing in the International Registry of Spiritual Healers; and became an Ordained Spiritual Minister in the Universal Life Church. She has done sessions for clients from all over the United States and many other countries over the world such as Canada, Brazil, England, Ireland, Scotland, Croatia and many more. She has been honored to work for Fortune 500 companies and other businesses in many states.

Lorraine would like people to know that she proudly represents the “late bloomers” in the development of psychic gifts and that her story will hopefully encourage people to not give up on their potential, no matter how old they are.

She feels that we all will benefit if we learn to tap into the purest energy from our Higher Self. “The most important thing that I’ve learned is to honor what I call The Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence, the Spark of God within us,” advises Lorraine. “The name of God is ‘I AM’. So, when I’m doing a session, I’ve learned to call in the “I AM Presence”, the Higher Self of the client and my own Higher Self to give messages that are only for the highest good of the client. By doing that, it keeps us at the purest form of energy. The more we honor that Spark of Creation, the Mighty I AM Presence, the more it changes our lives. The more we stay in our power, the more we stay in our truth, which is “I AM (meaning you are) the Spark of God.”


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