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What to Expect From Your Psychic Reading

VERY IMPORTANT: Prepare for your Psychic Reading.

I suggest that you write a list of topics you want to ask about during your session. This list is for your guidance only. Do not send me the list in advance. When we are in the energy of the session, it’s easy to forget what you want to ask. So listing the topics will help you to cover all that you want to know.  Common Topics: My work, my health, my spouse, my significant other, my finances, my schooling, my house, deceased relatives or friends, my spiritual development, etc. Anything goes.

Don’t ask vague questions such as “What do I need to know?” Phrase your initial question around a topic. “I want to ask about my work.” Do not share with me any background or drama. My goal is to give you the purest information without any specific information from you. I will share with you all that I hear, see, feel, and know about your answer.

During the session, I will often ask “Does this make any sense to you?” If whatever is coming through resonates with you, just answer “Yes” and nothing else. If whatever is coming through does not make sense, promise me you will say “No” and I will ask Spirit for clarification.

When you ask a question about another person, I receive the message from your Higher Self, not the Higher Self of the other person. “Should I marry Jim?” or “Should I date Sally?” will be answered as to what your Soul will learn if you make a decision to move in that direction and will guide you for your highest good only.

Only you can make the decisions in your life. The purpose of a session with me is to give insight from your angels, spirit guides, etc. so that you have the information to make the best decision for yourself. I cannot interfere with your Free Will by making decisions for you; but can assist you with information to make the journey easier and quicker.

As a Medium, often deceased relatives or friends make their presence known to me during your session. You may ask a question about someone who is on the other side if you care to. An example would be “Do you have a message for me from my Grandmother Mary who is deceased?”

You can ask as many questions as you like during the time we have together to help you with all that you are seeking.

For You:

Please, no speaker phones.  Ear pods and headsets might be good, but the issue here is they may cause echoes which causes me to lower my energy to hear.    We may test them, but if they cause an echo, you won’t be able to use them.  Sorry.

We cannot do the session while you’re driving a car.  Your driving needs your full attention.   When you are in session with me, you need to be “totally present.”

Please don’t go outside for your session.  I can hear breezes, wind, waves, pets, or other distractions.

You should be sitting in a quiet room aloneNo guests, please.  I have no filters and don’t want to pick up on the guest’s energy.

Right before your reading, please quiet your mind and say a prayer of permission for me to view your entire being – physically, emotionally, and spiritually during the session.

Be willing to listen with an open heart to the messages that you receive. Know that only you can decide what to do with the information that is provided.

Remember that you are the one responsible for your personal growth and healing.  I only receive information that’s for your highest good only. I never receive information on if or when someone is going to die or be in an accident. NEVER.

The Session begins:

I will start the recording, state the date and our first names only and close my eyes and taking three very deep, connecting breaths. Then I will call in your higher self, angels, spirit guides or ancestors connecting to a sacred space, followed by a prayer of protection.

I will immediately start giving your messages after the prayer. Spirit calls them initial messages. They can last one minute or ten.

Your Questions:

At some point (I never know when), I will open it up for questions. At that time, you can ask any specific questions about the initial messages you received or you may ask any other question about any area of your life (love, home, family, work, finances, etc.).

If you want to ask about a person, DO NOT USE LAST NAMES. I prefer not to have full names on the recording. So the question would be something like “I want to ask about my husband, John, age 42.” After you receive initial information on a question and I say “Ask another question”, you don’t have to change the topic. You can go deeper. You possibly could ask “I want to ask about our relationship” or ”I want to ask about his health.” You can go as deep as you want and move on when you decide.  So, when I state for you to ask another question, you just move on to the next topic when you are ready. Should you think of another question you wished you had asked, when I tell you to ask another question, just say something like “I want to go back to my husband and ask this now.” YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF HOW LONG WE STAY ON A TOPIC AND IF YOU WANT TO ASK MORE.

The Sessions offered are: up to 30 minutes ($75), or up to one hour ($125). When the scheduled time is over, we will end the session.

© No part of any recording may be reproduced, transmitted, or copied without the express written permission of Light of the Blue Star, Inc.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2007-2023.

I am honored to offer my services to you and only ask for you to open your heart to the messages that come through from Spirit. In turn, I promise to do my best to help you on your path in life and to assist you with insight to embrace the opportunities, the Joy, and the Love that Spirit offers to you.

My prayer is to be a clear channel of Love and Light and to assist all who desire answers.


Reverend Lorraine Smith


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